Become A Volunteer

If you would like to be more than just a victim to the blood-chilling experience of Dreadwood Farms, then become a volunteer, and make your own victims.

Read the following form thoroughly so that you are familiar with Dreadwood Farms' staff guidelines.



Volunteer Guidelines for 2019


Our mission is to create a safe and fun environment for all.


The following guidelines are for the safety of you, our events, our patrons and fellow volunteers at “The Village”. This is the most important aspect of this project. Our mission is to make all events fun and entertaining for all involved. We ask everyone to review and follow the rules and guidelines below to ensure a fun and safe environment for all.


Byrd's Farm and Campground LLC (aka BFC) mentioned below consists of owners and operators Roger Byrd, Kimrey Byrd, Bethany Byrd, Alex Byrd and Barbara W. Byrd.


General Guidelines – Have Fun!


  • Please, do not tell anyone what is inside the “The Village”, what can be expected, or what character you are. “The Village” is designed in absolute detail to scare people and keep them off guard. Telling others what to expect, what is in the haunt, or what will happen to them, will make them aware of what is to come. Surprise is an element you will use to your benefit as an actor. You want to scare people, not have them say hi to you and smile as they're in the haunt.


  • If you have a problem with another volunteer, solve it, or bring it to Byrd's Farm and Campground (BFC), so it can be remedied quickly. Teamwork and teammate respect is what makes the haunt work. If we're not working together, our guests will know it.


  • Please respect all guests and staff at all times. All patrons have the right to be scared, not harassed. Respect for team leaders, the haunt, scenes, and property, as well as BFC is a requirement at all times.


  • It is our goal to provide a safe, and entertaining, and thrilling attraction while maintaining a high standard of safety. No horse play, fighting, or behaving in an unsafe manner will be tolerated.


  • Modifications to existing structures and new builds must be approved by BFC.


  • Make sure any items you bring are secured at all times. We are not responsible for lost or stolen items.


  • Absolutely NO ALCOHOL, DRUGS or PROFANITY allowed at any time while on the grounds of “The Village”. Doing so is a reason to be escorted off the property. You will be turned over to local law enforcement, and your parent or guardian will be notified if you are under 18. Also you will not be allowed to return to the property unless approved by BFC. Law enforcement may also require that you take a breathalyzer test. If you suspect that another volunteer is participating in such actions, remove yourself from the situation and report it to BFC or your team leader.


  • Smoking in designated areas only.


  • All themes, ideas, and props must be approved by Roger Byrd


  • No one is allowed at The Village without prior approval. Do not bring your friends and family to see what's going on at “The Village”.


Dress Code & Costume


  • EVERYONE, including guides, should be in costume at ALL times. Any questions about costumes or makeup, please talk with Bethany or Roger. ALL Crew members are required to have on approved costumes – This is to be determined and approved by Bethany and Roger.


  • All Cast and Crew are expected to bring your own costumes, makeup, props – if you need help with this let BFC know.


Guidelines for Scenes


  • All scenes, cast members, costumes and ideas must support “The Village” theme at all times in all areas. If in doubt please contact Roger or Bethany for approval or for questions. We encourage your creativity, as long as it fits within “The Village” theme. At this time, I will not be reimbursing any receipts. For the things that need to be purchased please let me know and I will buy them if possible.


  • We ask that there be no Hollywood horror characters – such as Freddie, Jason, Michael, etc. We already have someone working and using a chainsaw. Please leave your chainsaw at home! No real weapons or sharp objects/props allowed.


  • Everyone is encouraged to stay in their designated area, room, or scene while scaring. Do not scare in another person's scene/room unless it is agreed upon by both leaders. Your scare is in your area only unless otherwise needed.


  • Please keep your area clean at ALL times! Please do not leave trash and litter in your scene. There will be NO food in the scenes... If you want to eat, go to the concession area.


Cast/Scene Leaders


  • There will be one Cast Leader for each scene/room. There should be an alternate contact person in case of absence – this should be communicated nightly to BFC.


  • Cast Leaders will oversee all actions concerning their respective scene/room and will be the point of contact for BFC.


  • Have accountability at all times for your respective crew. This is crucial in case of an Emergency. Perform accountability checks upon exiting the haunt each night! Report to BFC in the event of an emergency situation.


  • Cast Leaders are required to ensure their respective scene/room is safe prior to beginning each night and that the scene and areas are safe and secure at the end of each night. (This includes: unplugging all electronics, lights, smoke machines, etc.)


  • The Haunt WILL NOT SHUT DOWN for breaks. Each scene is expected to be up and running each night and staffed accordingly. If Cast Leaders need help staffing a scene/room, if you are going to be absent, or late any night please let BFC know as soon as possible. Hopefully we will have extras that can work in various places as needed – but we need to make those arrangements together. It is IMPORTANT to have people to relieve others for breaks during the haunt.


  • Cast Leaders are required to staff their own scenes and ensure that every night is covered. If you need extras to help you scare or cover nights please let us know right away. All scenes are to be open EVERY night – leaders are required to cast and staff their own scenes and set the expectations of their own cast and crew as outlined by BFC.


  • Cast Leaders are asked to encourage everyone in their area to comply and understand all guidelines and expectations set by BFC. Any problems or issues should be immediately reported to Roger if they arise.


  • Cast Leaders should know the flow of traffic and encourage team members to keep the groups/guests moving in the correct direction at all times. It is crucial to keep traffic in the haunt moving at a steady safe pace at all times!


Photos and Video Guidelines


  • No photos/videos shall be posted to any type of media, representing “The Village”. This type of post will be done by select people approved by BFC ONLY. If you post pictures, do so on your OWN page and do not represent “The Village” - Dreadwood Farms. We have a media campaign in place and want all of our official posts to have a certain look.


  • Do not take pictures/videos of other rooms or scenes unless approved by that scene leader. Do not post any type of media of another person's scene unless they approve. Don't give any of the scare away online or to your friends and family!


  • There will be NO GRABBING, HITTING, OR TOUCHING anyone inappropriately. Also, do not restrain anyone against their will. Doing any of these things will get you permanently escorted from the property.


Print the following forms, sign them, and bring them to Dreadwood Farms if you wish to become a staff member.

The parent/guardian forms are only required for those under 18 years of age.